The Black Pill of Hope

The black pill is nihilistic, only if you think that female validation and sexual success are the only things that matter in life – otherwise, it’s the path to a rebirth that you’d never find with the red or blue pill.

Black pill = hope.  It’s hope for everything beyond intimate relationships that is worth living for.


I used to think the “black pill” was the invention of the artist formerly known as Omega Virgin Revolt, as some kind of red pill for black guys (typical self-segregation – certain black guys who need their own black version of everything) but even if I got that story right, everyone now knows it as the incels’ final resignation to a life of sexual failure and sexual nihilism.

Why is that so bad, for an incel?
Why are noncels so afraid of incels taking this pill?

You’ll probably get different answers on that from different noncels.  If you asked a male noncel this question, he’s probably going to immediately assume that you’re an incel, try to make the conversation about you, and appoint himself as your new dating coach.  If you asked a female noncel (and if she’s not too creeped out to answer and doesn’t call the cops on you) she’d probably tell you that it leads to “violence against womyn” and “male supremacy” and a bunch of other regurgitated claptrap from the mainstream or her womyn’s studies classes.  If you asked a Protestant preacher or other loudmouthed tradcon, they might tell you that western society desperately needs to get its fertility numbers back up, because we need more worker bees (but not his kids – they’re going to Harvard) and maybe you’ll get a subtextual vibe about Islam filling the vacuum if we don’t.  At least the tradcon’s answer would be somewhat honest and coherent, even if aligns with their own interests more than yours.  There are also some with obvious reasons, like RSD/PUA snake oil salesmen, and internet sirens who get incels to simp them, so they can be attention leeches.

Noncels have their reasons for wanting incels to keep running on the hamster wheel of futility, and it’s possible that an underlying psychological motivator may be that they simply want to see you continue to lose at a game they continue to win.  After all, how can there be winners without losers?  What fun is a loser who won’t play anymore?  If he stops playing, he stops losing, and if he stops losing, he’s not a loser anymore – never mind what nursery rhymes they tell you about sportsmanship.  It’s more like a bunch of players at a poker table, who can see that you have a losing hand, and telling you not to fold.  Let’s have some reality for once.

The black pill should be viewed as the incels’ MGTOW – the prudent realization akin to how sometimes a limb needs to be amputated to save the rest of the body.  Certain pursuits in life need to be abandoned in order to make the most of whatever else life has to offer.  When a person has a consistent pattern of abject failure at a particular pursuit, it’s only reasonable to abandon that pursuit at some point, especially past an age where it makes any sense to keep pursuing it.  There are radio commercials in the US for insurance that narrate the fictitious stories of people who practiced and practiced a sport, with big dreams in mind, “Until one day, he decided he just wasn’t that good at _____,” then throwing out the consolation that they saved by switching insurance.  Well, when it comes to sexuality, you shouldn’t have to wait until half your life is behind you, and you couldn’t even hypothetically have a relationship with any fertility in mind, before you ashcan that dream and grab hold of the next train out of the station, headed somewhere that at least might end up being worthwhile.  An incel is a man who was dealt a losing hand with females, and it’s his right to fold, and save his chips for another table.  Of course, noncels will never agree with or understand this decision, but it’s your life, not theirs.

In fact…that’s probably what’s at the core of the noncels’ problem with the black pill.  You’re talking about a vocal majority of people who cannot relate to the idea of a life without intimacy that is worth living.  Being faced with a truly solitary life is far, far too grim for most of them to contemplate.  Now of course, it’s not like getting into that head space is easy for incels either – especially younger ones, which is understandable – but it’s going to be categorically impossible for a noncel to try on that idea.  They therefore assume that ending up in a place like that is tantamount to damnation, leading to suicide at best, and mass murder at worst.  If only they realized how much better off incels would be if they’d keep their ignorance to themselves, and just quietly celebrate that they will never have to face it…

But what about the fertility and replacement rate?  And what about all the females who need someone to support them?  And what about the Muslims hordes?!

Well, what about all that?  What’s an incel going to do about any of that?  I mean honestly, those are all someone else’s problems – no, really, they are.  Go talk to the alphas and Chads about that.  Just one of them can do all the repopulating work of a thousand incels (females would prefer that anyway).  Better yet, talk to the females about that – it is with the female gender that these problems started, so that’s where the solution should be applied, hadn’t it?  The last people who should have to worry about the macro issues of family and reproduction, as it relates to the fate of civilization, are the incels.  They’re in no position to do anything.  The only way you could give incels the power to do anything about it would be to do like Turd Flinging Monkey always insists, and take away women’s rights and sexual autonomy – that’s the only way you’re going to get females to reproduce with gamma and omega incels.  Now, whether or not the revocation of women’s rights is the only way to save Western civilization is a discussion for another time and place; but we can say, right here and now, that given the status quo of females holding the prerogative of sexual selection (and deselection), expecting male incels to do anything about the population situation is out of the question.  Sure, they can “care” I suppose – nothing wrong with taking sides in an obvious fight – but it’s like caring about an election you can’t vote in.  I guess it’s the thought that counts…I don’t know…

What it all boils down to is what kind of medicine is in the black pill that you’re taking.  Will you take the poison of self-destruction…or the medicine that stops you from beating a dead horse, and allows you to be all that you were destined to be, wasting no time with what you’re not?

That’s a choice you can make, with open eyes.
My advice? You should obviously take the latter option.

Fold your hand, and take your chips elsewhere.  There are more tables in the casino of life.

16 thoughts on “The Black Pill of Hope

  1. The great Turd Flinging Monkey can be heard on the Halsey English Network (Radio Free America) on Saturday nights. You don’t agree with the idea of sex dolls and “Wifoos?”
    BTW. I hate the color black. You don’t have to be in love with the color black to follow your
    advice. I perfer crystal (For it’s clearity) or white, which contains every color.

    1. I’m just going according to popular vernacular, calling the pill black.

      I don’t have a problem with sex dolls. I just think that TFM is completely full of himself, and is a problems guy rather than a solutions guy. He has no implementation plan for any of his jack-off fantasies. “JUST DO IT!!!” That’s not an implementation plan. Well see if any grown-ups come up with something.

      1. TFL says that every race should establish it’s “no go zone.” The manical Antifa attacks only
        take place in liberal dominated cities like Portland, ORE. They can’t pull their vile stunts
        in places, like Salt Lake City, or Lancaster, PA. If we’re lucky, we MIGHT have a “Road Warrior”
        existence in the future. If not, the middle class or under white male will be flat out genocided.

        1. Salt Lake City is not quite what it is cracked up to be here. There hasn’t been a Republican mayor there since Jake Garn in the 1970s, and the current one is a lesbian of Polish extraction.

          Ditto Lancaster, PA. Where once it was the urban center of the Pennsylvania Amish Country, it is now filled with illegals, and MS-13 has a strong presence there.

          Not too many places left like we would wish, but that is due to people’s choices. I’ll take the Road Warrior option since there is no other alternative.

          1. Salt Lake – or rather, Utah outside of Salt Lake especially – is one of the worst places in the country for an incel or MGTOW. In a culture where marriage is the center of everything, single men are especially treated like a scourge. As you know, Mormon boys are expected to go on a mission for two years, come back at age 21, and be engaged no later than two weeks after returning home. I have a relative who was renting a basement apartment in Provo, and was evicted for being single. I went to a wedding reception in Utah where all the singles in attendance were marched into a mock dating game show, where they could be lampooned and humiliated.

            I realize that the quote didn’t come from Brigham Young himself, but even still, many Mormons take to heart the idea that any single person over the age of 27 is a “menace to society”. It’s pretty much open season on singles there. In a state where Mormons (admittedly a clear majority) think they own the place, they have no qualms discriminating against unmarried people in any way they can. What else do you expect from people whose religion dogmatically requires all men to be married in the temple, in order to enter the highest kingdom in the afterlife?

            1. Yes, I agree, but your caveat “outside Salt Lake” confirms somewhat what I said. SLC is much more cosmopolitan than it used to be, and while it still might be difficult to be incel or MGTOW there, it is a lot easier than it once was. And remember that outside the Wasatch front, there isn’t a whole lot of Utah.left.

              One other important point too, is that the pressure is placed not just on men, but on young women as well. Those not married early are also stigmatized. Either way, let’s keep in mind that the LDS church, Orthodox Jews, and other patriarchal religions provide ample space in which young people can find mates in an atmosphere free of #MeToo horseshit, and where men can be reasonably certain that in such places as BYU, asking the wrong girl out will get no more than a polite brushoff and not a Title IX inquisition.

              1. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Just because they’re Molly Momos doesn’t mean that they aren’t marbled with entitlement and vain paranoia. No reason at all to think they’d be meaningfully different.

                Also, Utah outside of the Wasatch Front is the Book of Mormon Belt – people actually live out there, and they especially don’t take kindly to singles of either gender. I’m not kidding – there are many people, especially in southern Utah, who will tell you right to your face that your marital status is not acceptable in their town.

                  1. You know, I’ve thought about this.. There is a surprising amount of polygamy there, even in the Salt Lake Valley. Statistically, that must necessarily make incel more common, given roughly equal gender ratios.

                    1. It stands to reason polygamy and its resulting gender disparity would make incel more common. For the FLDS enclaves, their solution to gender imbalance is to violently expel the excess males for some pretext or other excuse, discarding them as “Lost Boys.” That works for segregated cults and enclaves who can just dump their unwanted males into the wider society. For the wider society, they have to practice a different kind of expulsion and isolation of low-status males.

                    2. Very well said. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind seeing more “inhumane” methods of male disposal implemented – wars with targeted conscription come to mind – but my bet is that it’s going to head in the whatever direction the backlash against incel attacks is going to take us. It’s one of those things that starts slow and innocuous, and builds up speed and severity over time. It’s not like it can’t happen…

                      For example, If you told someone, say, 30 years ago about the level of persecution that would exist on college campuses against people for being white, male, heterosexual, Christian, “cis-gendered”, etc. it would sound absurd…and yet here we are. There’s no telling what kind of neo-gulags or whatever else incels might find themselves in if things keep going this way. Some of the videos have been taken down, but even Alex Jones has called for incels to be profiled. Alex Jones of all people! The guy who warns of tyranny against free people everywhere makes one exception for a class of people right for tyranny: guys who don’t get laid. Not surprisingly, he was a ladies’ man in high school, so he says, and as such, it follows that he would favor adding insult to injury against the “losers” he dominated in lawless prison known as public school. It’s instinct, I guess.

  2. I think that I am able to comment upon this matter with some degree of authority. So I will do my best.

    Giving up on the ridiculous pursuit of women is the single most liberating thing that the Incel man can do. Spending every waking second trying and failing to impress those stuck up bitches is a total waste of your time and energy, time and energy that you could be using to do other, more fulfilling things. This is something that I wish that I had done a very long time ago.

    I hold myself fully responsible for this. I let my Incel become the better of me, and I became one nasty motherfucker because of it, and this is something that I am not proud of.

    But, come through it I have, only to be faced with an awful personal situation, one that is pushing me to the limit of my endurance. But I will get through this also. And I will do so as a free man.

    But one thing I will NOT be doing is chasing my tail trying to impress women. That part of my life is well and truly over. I have online porn IF I need it; and I have my photography. I have my cats. And that is gonna have to do.

    Because women have had their chance with me and they fucking BLEW It. Time and again they have proved that they simply cannot be trusted.

    So now I have to live my life without them. So be it. I have chosen SANITY over MADNESS.

    1. Did you become a diabetic and have all the resulting health problems as a result of inceldom?
      Did you use junk food as a compensation? Do you think that’s the reason you are diabetic?
      Do you REALLY try to fight the disease in the interests of prolonging your life, or do you “cheat” quite a bit?

  3. A woman has to give you a green light when it comes to dating,sex,and marriage.Its simple as that.In theory,40-45 incel man can still impregnate a number of females,but if no of them wanted him when he was younger its impossible job for him now.I say stop paying meals for females,stop giving money to female beggars,spread the black pill.

    1. The black pill is hope.
      The black pill is the incel man’s one-way ticket out of the futile pursuit of female validation.
      The black pill is, metaphorically, the amputation of the gangrenous limb that is intimate relationships and partnered sexuality.

      Every incel should consider taking the black pill.
      Never again should any incel have to waste one more minute, one more dollar, or one more mental marble pursuing a female.

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