Penis Size, Appearance, and Shrinkage

New survey data on what women look for in a penis…do we buy it?

When it comes to the downstairs department, it seems that men have been fretting about the wrong thing.

Rather than worrying about the length of their penis, men should be concerned with the way it looks in the mirror – if a new scientific research paper is to be believed.

Doctors from the University Children’s Hospital, in Zurich, Switzerland asked 105 women from different age groups to rate the importance of eight different aspects of the penis. These included: length, girth, shape, position of the meatus (the place where urine leaves the body), appearance of pubic hair and general cosmetic appearance.

Of the eight catagories, length only rated as the sixth most important aspect to the women, while girth was rated third.

Top of the table was cosmetic appearance and pubic hair appearance.

The least important aspect was the position of the meatus.

In the same study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the doctors investigated the cosmetic effectiveness of hypospadias surgery, which realigns the position of the meatus for men who were born with a urethra that exits the body on the shaft of the penis, rather than the tip.

They found that when looking at photos of penises, the women were unable to tell which had undergone the corrective operation.

“These findings may stimulate reflections regarding the relevance of surgical correction of the meatus in minor forms of hypospadias,” wrote the study’s authors, before noting that the women in the study were not exposed to photos of noncorrected hypospadias.

“Although men with and without hypospadias are often concerned about their penile size, in the present study, penile length was not considered as very relevant by women.

“Other studies have confirmed that most women find penile size ‘unimportant’ or even ‘totally unimportant’ and that most women are satisfied with their partner’s penis size.”

Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to elucidate upon what exactly constitutes a good cosmetic appearance for a penis

But wait! That’s not all.. A link to another article below is just as interesting…

One of the delights of being editor of the Telegraph’s Men section is that you can use your contributors to settle office arguments.

And so it was that my editor emailed me to ask whether men’s penises have got smaller over the last few generations. Someone in the office thought they’d read it somewhere, others weren’t so sure. Presumably a quick show-and-tell in the toilet didn’t settle anything.

Penises come in all shapes and sizes, always have done and always will.

I spent as long as I could bear checking out the research, and although the theory that penises are getting smaller is quite widespread, especially in Italy, it doesn’t seem to be backed up by hard evidence. Men have always measured their penises, and jammed a ruler in so tightly to convince themselves they nudge six inches that it leaves a ‘Helix mark’, but not many have gone public with their findings.

Scientists can’t agree on the correct way and state of firmness to measure a penis but observational studies of men who make a living from pornography would suggest that penises at the far end of the normal curve have actually got bigger over the years. In vintage pornography, a penis is commonly the size of a baby’s arm holding an apple. In the modern porn, it’s not unusual to see a full-sized draft excluder.

Science of course requires proper measurement. The average erect gorilla penis is only 3cm (1.25 inches) long, the average chimp sports 8cm erect and the average human penis today stands at around 13cm. However, primates other than man have a bone in their penis that is good to go anytime, whereas men have a highly complex system relying on nerves, chemical transmitters, pumps, blood supply, spongey tissues, thoughts and feelings all to come together at the same time.

Not easy, which is why it will fail in all men at some stage.

We don’t have much data on adult male penis size from 60 years ago, despite Alfred Kinsey’s efforts. However what we do know is that men are living a lot longer and carrying more weight than they used to. Sixty years ago, half of us died before the age of 65. Now one in three of us live to 100.

When previously we might have gone out with a bang at the retirement party, many of us are having to carry our penises around for another 30 years or more.

The older penis droops more, just as all parts of the body seem to hang down lower, but it doesn’t always stand up and swell like it used to and so may appear smaller. Drugs like Viagra can help a failing erection, as can a cock ring. Indeed, any penis is capable of expanding hugely if it has enough blood in it. A cock ring stops the blood escaping but you should never have it on for more than half an hour and always choose one with handles. If you just put the ring on, you might not get it off again. It swells up like a wedding ring on a septic finger, and eventually turns black. It’s an emergency, but one that your local casualty department could probably do without at the moment.

A big belly makes your penis look smaller, and if you can’t see it at all when you look down you need to get a grip quickly. You’re at high risk of type two diabetes and arterial disease, which can also affect the frequency and firmness of your erections.

The bottom line is that a good erection is a sign of good physical and mental health, but for most women, your smile and smell are far more important than actual size.

Creativity, love, laughter, soap and good communication are much faster route to a happy love life than six months alone in the dark with a penis enlarger. Trust me.

No, we know better than to trust that silly advice.  Science has proven that smiling men are less attractive that brooding men.

Where do they find these people?!




8 thoughts on “Penis Size, Appearance, and Shrinkage

  1. Pubic hair appearence is important? Than I would be sunk. I have a very sparce amount of
    hair “down there,” as a result of two surgeries I had to have as a kid. I’m an expert at
    personality classifications. They way to determine the validy of a system, is if it merges with
    other valid systems. In Chinese body reading, they say that a person with sparce public hair
    wouldn’t be proficent or experienced at sex. It’s also been said that a person with small little
    fingers has low testosterone. And in Astrology, it’s said, that Saturn in the 5th house is sexually
    repressed. I tick all these boxes, and many more. “Human” (?) classification is a fascinating
    topic to study.

        1. I thought I read you say somewhere you had type two diabetus, that you were getting injections for. I could be wrong.

  2. But if I may add my two cents. Yes, sex does not just involve sticking your dick in a woman (Or man if you are that way inclined), but anyone tries to tell you that size is not important, is jerking your chain. If your penis is large enough, it will dilate a woman’s vagina, and the head will be pretty close to touching her cervix once rammed fully home. Some women, quite a lot of women also enjoy anal. Again, a big penis will provide delightful stimulation for her. Bottom line is, if you have a tiny dick, none of this can happen. Yes there are other things you can do. Without sounding boastful, I developed a very fine technique for tit sucking with my ex, and I gave her the mother of all orgasms (She wasn’t faking it – her cunt almost ripped my tongue out of my head when she came), by having her sit on my face.

    But I would have swapped all of that for a big dick. A nice ten incher. I would have had that bitch SCREAMING in pleasure. But no. I lucked out in the dick department.

    But to attempt to say size is not important is just stupid. It smacks of the usual kind of advice or comments the Incel guy gets on almost a daily basis. And none of it fucking helps.

    1. I know nothing about women’s bodies having never gotten that close. If the part of her body
      that feels the pleasure is OUTSIDE her body and never gets brushed by the male organ when
      he inserts it, how does she climax? She has to stimulate the OUTSIDE with her hands, while
      he pumps away at her inside.

      1. They have their ways, and foreplay is part of that. I’ve wondered if some different sized female anatomy could permit direct contact, i.e. if there’s a small enough distance between the clitoris and the top for the vagina, maybe things can flex enough for direct contact, more with some females than others. This is also going to depend somewhat on the rigidity of the dick. Not sure about that one… One thing I do know is that it feels like there’s kind of a ring of muscle that surrounds the entrance of the vagina, and I don’t know for sure how easily that would move around. It’s not like super taught, but it’s there. The vagina itself is kind of like a slightly heated void, which may sound kind of anticlimactic (no pun intended) but boy it’s a good sensation upon insertion.

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