Sugar Baby vs. “Incel”

Just watch.  You won’t fucking believe this.  This is like a parody.  But it’s not.  This is real life.  Follow the subtext, because everything else about it makes less-than-zero sense.

I mean, there are so many things one could say about this…so many points could be made here.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Should I make a short list?

  1. Females now label any guy they hate an “incel”.
  2. Females like this cause others to get raped for real.
  3. Females are not good readers, contrary to everything you’ve ever heard.
  4. It’s better to be a real incel (not the 6′ 3″ blue-eyed Chad in her story) than to put oneself through this.
  5. Between the stripper pole in her room, the mug that says “WHITE MALE TEARS”, and the constant reference to her “ancestuz”…yeah, you get it.
  6. I have to concede that this video is a score for the looksists.  I mean when you have a female despise everything about a guy’s personality and still get to the point of almost fucking him anyway…?
  7. You want to talk about #metoo?  A female could break into your house at night, pull a gun on you and jump on your dick, and still think you raped her.
  8. Humanity is indeed devolving back to neanderthals.

It’s hard to know whether to rejoice or mourn after seeing this.  If her father ever sees this, he’ll hill himself.  Actually he probably doesn’t even know her.  He probably is a dirt bag who doesn’t give a shit.

7 thoughts on “Sugar Baby vs. “Incel”

  1. Well what can I say. This video is a very stark illustration concerning the nature of male/female relations in the year 2019.

    If this is what the average guy in the USA has to put up with, no wonder record numbers of men are saying ‘Ah fuck it’ and going MGTOW.

    This woman is an entitled SLUT, who obviously, thinks that men exist for her personal amusement. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind that this guy might have worked his ass of pursuing a course of ‘self improvement’ in order to give himself a fighting chance of getting laid?

    No, of course it fucking well had not. Worthless fucking bitch.

    1. Well the thing that really blows my mind is how much undue credit that I think most of us have been giving females for their intelligence, judgement and even sanity. It’s quite clear that her intellect is not in the driver’s seat at all. How does she go from hating the guy the moment she meets him, wanting to get away from him all night, clear to the point of thinking that she better fuck this “incel” to protect other females?

      For his part, it might seem amazing that he managed to fuck it all up, but if you think about it, he was skating on such thin ice the whole time…it’s much more amazing that he skated as far as he did, only to ignominiously fall through before reaching the goal. But remember, this is Tinder, so it’s all about looks. Had he not been a 6′ 3″ blue-eyed Chad/Tyrone, he would have been swiped left and not have even made it out of the gate; but since she swiped right, it was apparently a straight shot almost all the way to the pussy after that, despite multiple fuckups. He could have very easily made it all the way, and it’s pretty much really bad luck that he didn’t. Of course, a guy like that has probably been laid since – Chad and Tyrone have opportunities around every corner, while incels are lucky to have one maybe once every 10 years, if that, and they fall through the ice very early on.

      What also struck me was how absolutely harsh and judgmental females these days are. It’s like they’ve been watching one of these reality gameshows, taking cues from how contestants are harshly berated and whimsically judged, and then they think that they have the prerogative to judge men with the same lack of clemency… Has it always been that bad? Perhaps, and maybe they don’t even mince words about it now. Boy if there was any doubt that females do the choosing, and how choosy they are…

      That’s what really gets me, you know? Males are held so extremely accountable for their relationship status and judged so harshly over it, as if the decision were in their own hands, and yet it’s not in their hands at all. This is what they’re up against, and yet the tradcons turn a blind eye to female nature, as if we still lived in the days of quasi-arranged marriage. Let’s compare this to getting a job, which is another circumstance that males are judged harshly for: that’s not completely in the hands of the male, as it takes acceptance from the employer to be hired, but yet you could take the loosest slut in any city, and she’d be at least five times more selective than a typical employer.

      Again, I ask: who wants to put themselves through this shit? You could have a debate for years about facial ratios, height, race, eye-color, body type or whatever, and you don’t even need to, really. All you need to know is that when you come of age, if you don’t have females falling into your lap (as is typical for normal males) then you really shouldn’t lift one finger towards chasing that dream. Why? Because this video shows what it really takes to make it through to the vagina…and anything less is a suicide mission. Men have to have more respect for themselves than to go on suicide missions to appease their elders and the community – you get burned to the ground anyway if you end up incel, no matter how hard you tried.

      1. Oh and can you just IMAGINE the reaction if a white guy posted a video featuring a cup with ‘Black BITCH Tears` on it?

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