Egg White: the Incel Fugitive

Interview with incel celebrity “Egg White” or “Egg Man”, on how an online noncel mob falsely accused him of the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, followed by the news media coming after him – the incel fugitive.

There is a price to pay for being at once outspoken and lacking female validation.

Most know Egg White for this…

25 thoughts on “Egg White: the Incel Fugitive

  1. But he’s had sex. That gives the lie to the notion that only “passably” attractive people can get
    validational sex. There’s also a very ugly German guy called “Don’t Give Up’ who’s had “interaction” with a “normie” girl.

          1. Egg White lost his job or the German guy?

            You know it pisses me off that people are getting fired for things that have absolutely nothing to do with what service they’re able to provide a company. If you had a position as some kind of representative of a company, like a news anchor or a spokesperson, that’s a little more understandable; but a guy is likely to get canned from a job working back in the recesses of a factory if some female decides she’s tired of looking at his ugly face.

            Humanity is careening towards disaster, as long as females are in the driver’s seat.

          1. “Blue Skies Media,” is the name of an irate incel on Youtube. He suffers horrorific torment
            over the fact that he hasn’t had consistent female companionship for 11 years. He’s always
            hoping that it will workout “this time.” His hopes were recently dashed, so he went on an obscenity laced tirad against women. His female boss got wind of his channel and fired him.
            He never much liked the job anyway, but he is going to sue his former boss, so he says.

  2. Well I am done with all of it. My father lost his fight with cancer yesterday. All of this Incel shit can go and do one. I am not interested any longer.

      1. Tell you this much. When one of these fucking snowflakes is as tough as my father I will be impressed. Anyone else would have been dead three months ago.

        1. Are you talking about the snowflakes who tried to tear apart London over an election result?

          Regardless of how you voted or who won… Look, when people go out to protest, the point is that they want to be heard, right? It makes sense and is sometimes necessary when you have a government who is ignoring the concerns of the people; but when it’s over an election – something that flows from the people to the government – who are they directing this message to? If it’s to their fellow citizens who voted for the Tories, how would these leftists react if the Tory voters did the same thing if they had lost? The leftists would laugh and call for a brutal crackdown on them with water cannons.

          Protesting a government ignoring an election is to be expected; protesting the election itself is non sequitur. It’s strange.

          And by the way… The chant “show me what democracy looks like/this is what democracy looks like” is even more bizarre – they’re actually protesting democracy.

          1. They’ll just do the same thing the “resistence” does right here in America. Elections mean
            nothing anymore as Flinging Turd Monkey says. The “system” is so infested with Deep State
            moles, that the “people” have no say. Only a “French Revolution” cure will work. Better our
            “Reign Of Terror,” than theirs.

            1. Again, one of those areas where TFM thinks he knows what he’s talking about, but doesn’t. If elections were all predetermined, Trump never would have made it, and neither would Brexit have made it. The conflict we were seeing before 2016 may have been theater, but this we’re seeing now is definitely not.

              1. Then why is the “winner” of the 2016 election not wielding the real power? Why is the coup
                continuing as we speak? There are two tiers of law now. The Constitution isn’t worth the paper
                it”s printed on. The master plan is to obstruct and subvert until Satan can procure the White
                House for his patron Hillary Rotten Clinton, and genocide the low status white male.

                1. Well, there’s plenty of chatter about timing being crucial, things happening behind the scenes, etc. – the whole Qanon thing. Is it true? It’s not like any debates are going to be won or lost until we know for sure, one way or the other. It’s also not like those who were wrong are going to concede the point.

                  1. Deep State “professionalism” and 5th columinist traitors are working to oust Trump.
                    They have from the very beginning. Actual wars have been fought in the past for much less than what is being done now. Without Constitutional due process, there is no “United States.”
                    When elections can be undermined by wicked, entitled eliets who live like kings in their protected, gated communities. They don’t have “incel” problems. They have an embarassment
                    of riches. These fat frogs have 13 year olds underneath them, and emit groans as they spill
                    their corrupted seed inside them.

          2. Well I voted Labour. Am I crying my fucking eyes out over the result? No. Labour lost. They lost because AGAIN they fucked up.

            In 2016, 17 million people voted to leave the EU. again I will be straight with you and admit I voted remain. But here is the thing; I respect democracy. We voted to come out of the EU and that should have been the fucking end of it.

            But No. Labour chose to harpoon efforts to come up with a deal for leaving the EU at every turn. And of course, once again, they elected an unelectable leader. The result? they got their asses kicked.

            Now, because of their fucking incompetence, we have another five years of Tory rule. And as a result, I have fucking had it with politics. I have no sympathy, whatsoever for the Labour party here in the UK. Because they simply do not fucking learn. They have lost my vote now, fucking permanently. For one, I am still mourning my father’s passing. And more importantly, I now am going to focus upon survival. Fuck politics.

            1. But your soldiers are butchered on the streets in broad daylight. Paki’s pass around your teen
              girls like candy. And police break down the doors of your homes to haul off anyone who crticises Muslims. The man that stopped the terrorist attack on London bridge is homeless now because his landlord fears Muslim reprisal. Surely you can’t be in favor of these things.

              1. No I’m not. I’m also not in favour of nurses having to use food banks to survive. I’m also not in favour of terminally ill people being told that they are fit for work. These things also happen in the UK.

                1. That’s the problem. Even if conservatives win elections the rotten Deep State infastructure
                  of the liberals with all it’s degenercy remains. Our votes don’t count. That’s why revolution is
                  inevitiblely coming.

  3. If I am to make an observation on this post it is simply this; SOCIETY is out to get Incel guys but fucking GOOD. Yes I know it’s unfair. It’s also the shit that is going down.

    So why the fuck draw attention to yourself huh? In a manner like this?

    1. It’s the kind of thing an incel invariably ends up regretting later. Maybe if you were an ex-convict with absolutely no future, and no pride…but otherwise, you damn yourself to unknown difficulties later.

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