Incels: An Extremist Group

Well, it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming…

So, “researchers” want incel to be treated the same way Muslim extremism is, eh? 🤔 Well, that’s a relief!  That means they’re going to let incels pour into their countries by the boatload, give them free housing, education, medicine and other provisions, let them rove around in rape gangs, while expecting the female victims to do a dance to defend their no-no squares.

Seriously though, I am pretty sure Muslims command a lot more respect, unfortunately.

Here’s the “research” she’s talking about, and you’ll note that this Sian Tomkinson is not a sociologist or anything, but a media and communications Ph.D. candidate who is basing her thesis on [gasp] the poor, poor wimmen being discriminated against in the video game industry. Gee, where have we heard that before?

Frankly I don’t even remember hearing about the Toronto machete attack at a massage parlor this February…

Funny that they call the victim a “24-year-old mother” instead of identifying her by profession…  Actually, it’s kind of unsettling, the idea that incel attacks would target a sexually-oriented business.  Can you imagine if there was an incel attack at a brothel in Nevada?  For fuck sake, that’s ridiculous!  That’s like the people in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina shooting at the helicopters trying to rescue them.  Hard to imagine, but alas, I think we all have encountered some incels here and there who are that pitifully stupid and misguided.  😔

So, if you’re incel, get ready for that knock at the door.
And, if you go to a brothel…don’t forget to ask for a receipt.

17 thoughts on “Incels: An Extremist Group

  1. So, more double standards from the communist left as usual.

    Their solution: more feminist/communist shit testing.

  2. So, “researchers” want incel to be treated the same way Muslim extremism is, eh? Well, that’s a relief!

    Sure, go ahead and add incels to the terror list.

    And so if some self-identified incels actually do commit a massacre, all the respectable people on CNN and NBC will be snarling and shrieking at the public to never say anything bad about incels and how discrimination against incels must be avoided at all costs and how the real tragedy of an incel motivated massacre is that it might cause discrimination against incels!

    1. Honestly, it’s why I don’t feel bad for grooming victims anymore and why incels don’t need to go on anymore rampage.

      When ever I see an attractive woman either in public, or on social media, wearing next to nothing, I can’t help but think what a lovely jihadi war bride she’s going to be, and no one’s going to save them.

      1. Yeah, and if you lived in Sweden, they would be the ones bringing them in by brute force! I mean really, if you’re a man in Sweden, it’s time to get the fuck out! Just leave them there, the Swedish war brides and the Islamists…they’re obviously happy together. Just drag up and go. Go to fucking…Canada or somewhere. I don’t know, claim you’re a Muslim yourself. Go to Russia. Hell, go to Antarctica! You just can’t sit there on that sinking ship. Time is running out.

    2. I’ve actually challenged people on that very point: I’ll say, “So what happens when slurs against incels moves outside the Overton window? 30 years ago, people didn’t get all self-righteously indignant when they’d hear a homosexual called a faggot, but oh, that’s as bad as the almighty n-word now, so are you liberal fuckwads prepared to be cancelled from your jobs, your friends and you reputation 20 years from now when incels are a protected class, and your present-day use of the term incel as a cheap and general insult is dredged up from the metadata and used to burn you at the stake???”

      But will that ever happen? 🤔 Because let’s face it – there is political utility in the inconsistency of letting some marginalized groups become protected classes and not others. Muslims are protected, and so are females; but when their respective interests conflict, there is friction, and one of them has to win. Between those two, Islam seems to win out over feminism, because after the futile mental gymnastic attempts to reconcile the two, we see that feminism has had to change, not Islam: the self-proclaimed “Muslim feminists” wear hijabs, the female-genital-mutilating savages in the Mideast are hands-off to criticism from the left, and the Muslims keep pouring in by the boatload into Scandinavia, despite the females being raped there. Furthermore, when it comes to conflicts between men’s rights and women’s, Christians’ rights vs. everyone else, tranny pedophiles vs. children and other obvious clashes, those are already settled from now until the end of time, as far as the left is concerned. For this reason, I don’t think incel will every truly become a protected class. Incels, by their very nature, are almost all men, and there is simply never going to be a space for them to occupy in the victimhood tent. The size of that tent is limited and exclusive by design (which is kind of ironic, when you consider that just about every group under that tent got there by some form of exclusion). Basically, incel falls under the rubric of the war of the sexes, and women will never be knocked off their protected pedestal. Not only will they never be physically bigger than men (hopefully) but they are the “weaker” sex, in the sense that they are always going to be much easier to be used like pawns by tyrants.

  3. So Antifa and BLM are NOT terror groups, and INCELS are? Incels are the canary in the coal mine.
    When Hillary steals the election in November, incels will be the first to be liquidated, followed by other
    politically incorrect undesirables.

      1. She may as well have been. The people who weld the REAL power have never accepted
        Trump’s victory, and have tried everything they can do to stop him. They were caught off guard as I was. No prediction can be 100% accurate. But I’ve been more right than wrong. God has the final answer in these questions. I think it’s a fairly safe bet that the minions of Satan, (Who owe everything to Satan) would rather see this country DESTROYED then give Trump another 4 years, even though he was robbed of his first 4.

        1. She may as well have been. The people who weld the REAL power have never accepted Trump’s victory, and have tried everything they can do to stop him.

          If they haven’t succeeded, then I guess they don’t wield “real” power, do they…

          They were caught off guard as I was. No prediction can be 100% accurate. But I’ve been more right than wrong.

          I don’t think you’ve been right in any prediction, even once. Point to any prediction you’ve made that has panned out.

          Another thing I see happen when you get people who make predictions that don’t pan out is either they, or their supporters, “massage” the facts as a way to argue that it did pan out. A perfect example was a mega-preacher in Redding, California (originally from South Africa) named Kim Clemente, now deceased. Several years ago, he made many prediction in his sermons, and some of them seem to have come true – the election of Donald Trump and the unbelievable fallout from it, for example. He also said they would cry “Impeach! Impeach!”, and that sure as hell happened, but the problem is that he said, “…But no. This will not happen.” Well, he got impeached. So what do his defenders say? “Well, you know, maybe that’s one ‘definition’ of impeachment, but he was not convicted in the Senate, so therefore, he wasn’t impeached. Being removed is what he meant…that’s the definition that counts.” Sorry, not buying it. Stuff gets lost in translation over thousands of years, but this guy said that just a few years ago. Not most things, but everything has to come true in order for him to be a true prophet.

          God has the final answer in these questions. I think it’s a fairly safe bet that the minions of Satan, (Who owe everything to Satan) would rather see this country DESTROYED then give Trump another 4 years, even though he was robbed of his first 4.

          Oh and make no mistake, they’ll topple him if they can…what we’re going to see is if they can.

          1. Well, as I said., God has the FINAL word. I’m not the first to make false predictions.
            Even the early Christians made false predictions. Sometimes Christ would say He’d
            return a generation (40 years) later, other times He said, “Only the Father in Heaven knows the exact time.” James, the brother of Christ said, to the Pharasees just before
            they threw him over the Temple wall, that they would soon see Christ returning in the clouds. The Apostle Paul told Christians it was better not to touch a woman or marry
            because Christ was returning soon. So, I’m by no means alone in having false predictions.
            If the greatest saint of Christiandom can be wrong, so can I. The genocide of the incel is in the offing. See how they blamed the incel lawyer last week for killing a judge’s son and
            husband in N.J.?

            1. Okay, let’s take these on, one by one…
              1). When Christ said that before “this” generation is out, he was talking about the generation that would see all the signs of the end times, not the generation they were living in. You have to read it in context – he was describing things that would be happening at the end.
              2). You can probably say that you’re in the generation Chris will return if you’re seeing undeniable end times events (that’s a very big if) but what Chris actually said was that no one knows the day or the hour but the Father.
              3). As for what James said, this could mean that they’d see Christ returning at the time they are resurrected and facing judgment.
              4). As for what St. Paul said, you have to understand that you could die at any moment, find yourself resurrected, and seeing the Christ returned to the earth. He said a lot of things about being prepared to go at any time, because the time really is short, if you think about it.

              I just want you to show me one time when you’ve gotten a prediction right

              See how they blamed the incel lawyer last week for killing a judge’s son and husband in N.J.?

              I’m following that story, but was that lawyer incel? I know he was an MRA, and so was his partner who was also murdered (by the same gun, I’m told) and given that their Selective Service case was heard by that same judge, it makes that guy a likely candidate to be a patsy because there’s an explanation to cover for the deep state “wet work”…but MRA doesn’t mean incel. Do you know that he was incel, specifically?

              The genocide of the incel is in the offing.

              🤔 That’s an ironic statement right there. I mean, by their very nature, incels are kind of self-genocidal, are they not?

              1. Many “predictions” are speculative guesses. You look at trends, and you put pieces of the puzzle together like a detective. I knew about Hillary’s criminal history going way back, and I knew of the various Deep State/eliet criminal enterprises. These cabals wield a Satanic degree of power, and are untouched by the law. Judging by the actions of the first
                Clinton Administration, and it’s rampant criminality, it’s many abbetors, and the fact that Hillary was the power behind the throne, I thought it was a safe bet that she’d do ANYTHING to win in 2016. And she did. The trend continues up to this day. The Trump
                victory in 2016 was either pure fluke or divine intervention. Trump’s chances are even more improbable today given everything he is up against. People vote their pocket book
                and their quality of life, both of which are going to get increasingly worse leading up to election day. Not to mention, we are at the mercy of many possible “false flags” like a CIA
                officer dressed in a policeman’s uniform shooting blacks. So many things can happen.
                The Dem candidate needs the black and women’s vote to win. Women are known to be MORE compliant when under threat. That’s why they are attracted to “bad boys” and Dark Triad men. You’ve heard of the “Stockholm effect.” The scared, suburban women ARE going to vote for the Dem, like an abused wife who hopes the abuse goes away.
                So when you throw in this climate of fear and inevitable election theft I’d say Trump has
                no chance. A radical “America” is an America where the “incel” is genocided first, followed
                by the “‘low status” white male, who is the hated scapegoat of our time.

                1. Funny you say that because, actually, civil unrest and rioting tends to push the electorate to the right, for security reasons. If you had a strong revolutionary force demanding the people hand themselves over peacefully or it’s going to be even more unpleasant vs. a president/government too weak to stand up to that mob, then they would go Stockholm; but here you have Trump, who is a strong, alpha leader who gives women gina tingles with his brash authority and 6′ 2″ height, so I guarantee, the odds are that he will win.

                  Actually, no offense, but your predicting that Trump will lose makes me more confident that he’ll win. 😛

                  1. So the female who REMAINS with an abusive boyfriend because of the “commitment
                    and consistancy syndrome, will have the courage to leave him? These women want an end to the unrest and threat and they blame Trump for it. Trump has NOT shown he can
                    give them peace and prosperity. In their minds, he’s giving them anarchy. I think they’ll
                    abandon Trump just like the French “war brides” abandoned their menfolk when the
                    stronger, more powerful Germans took over. If Trump can restore peace and prosperity in a mere 13 weeks, election theft can be avoided, and the Military doesn’t depose him, he can win.

                    1. The military is firmly on his side. Look at the alternative to Trump – in case you hadn’t noticed, the CHAZ/CHOP didn’t provide security. They’ll stay with an abusive bad boy because he has good genes, but in the voting booth, they’ll vote for the stronger of the two, and that’s Trump, by every measure.

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