COVID Sex: Welcome To The Hole

Skip to 1:48:56 Well, I guess the Wuhan Flu isn’t sexually transmitted. Actually, we don’t know that. These “experts” are full of shit. As if that wasn’t already obvious. But then Owen goes into how the goal is to “end sexual intercourse” and making it all some kind of simulation..  🤔  Well, any incel can […]

Tomi Lahren’s Epic Hissy Fit

You’re probably seeing this everywhere.  She basically affirms what we’ve always known about her and her “friends”. It seems that WordPress can’t embed Fuckbook videos so go here for the full video. I actually first saw this regurgitated by Infowars, so I guess they’re trying to shed their own gynocentric image… Among Lahren’s […]

This Bad Boy Deserves More!

Boy if this doesn’t make you pull your hair out…  Here’s a young man who’s living the high life.  This is how well you can do if you’re tall, have indicators of high puberty-onset testosterone, and you grew up without the father in the house.  Some of the best-performing Chads I’ve ever seen were raised […]

The Homeless Lady Killer

You will not believe this. Actually, yes, you will. 🤷‍♂️ There you have it! A guy who lives off the street, and still has no problem charming the pants off of females in New York. He doesn’t have what I would call a “chiseled” face, either – he’s just average looking, but he’s just got […]

Incels: An Extremist Group

Well, it’s not like we didn’t know this was coming… So, “researchers” want incel to be treated the same way Muslim extremism is, eh? 🤔 Well, that’s a relief!  That means they’re going to let incels pour into their countries by the boatload, give them free housing, education, medicine and other provisions, let them rove […]