Legal Option for the “Sexually Frustrated Men”

Let’s hear from the professionals, shall we? SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 BY NBA STAFF Legal Option for the “Sexually Frustrated Men” (Chuck Muth) – A disturbing videotaped police interview of Alek Minassian – the man who drove a rental van into a crowd of people in Toronto, killing ten – was released to the public by the trial judge […]

Incels vs. Internet Sirens

Lucy was never, ever going to let Charlie Brown kick that football. And that golden unicorn NAWALT female you’re talking to online?  Same thing. I was reminded of how this goes, in talking to a young man online today.  Our first interaction was a few days ago, when he challenged my open endorsement of MGTOW, […]

Gender Attraction Differential – Prime Mover of the Human Sexual Apocalypse The upshot is this: using data from Tinder and OKCupid, we have discovered that men peg roughly 50% of females as above-average attractiveness, and the remaining 50% below – a bull’s eye shot of reasonable judgment; meanwhile, females peg roughly 80% of men as below-average attractiveness.  When male attractiveness is weighted by average income […]

Egg White: the Incel Fugitive

Interview with incel celebrity “Egg White” or “Egg Man”, on how an online noncel mob falsely accused him of the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, followed by the news media coming after him – the incel fugitive. There is a price to pay for being at once outspoken and lacking female validation. Most know […]

Sugar Baby vs. “Incel”

Just watch.  You won’t fucking believe this.  This is like a parody.  But it’s not.  This is real life.  Follow the subtext, because everything else about it makes less-than-zero sense. I mean, there are so many things one could say about this…so many points could be made here.  I don’t even know where to begin.  […]

Penis Size, Appearance, and Shrinkage

New survey data on what women look for in a penis…do we buy it? When it comes to the downstairs department, it seems that men have been fretting about the wrong thing. Rather than worrying about the length of their penis, men should be concerned with the way it looks in the mirror – […]

The Black Pill of Hope

The black pill is nihilistic, only if you think that female validation and sexual success are the only things that matter in life – otherwise, it’s the path to a rebirth that you’d never find with the red or blue pill. Black pill = hope.  It’s hope for everything beyond intimate relationships that is worth […]

The Anti Incel Puppet Show 2019

It apparently starts at 2:00 PM GMT, so I guess we’ll watch it together.  Knowing DoctorRandomercam, I somehow doubt it’s going to be very anti-incel, feminist or tradcon oriented.  But, on with the show… Okay, so… It’s apparently some flame wars he’s had with internet people – the kind who would rather die than concede […]